Apologies if layout of photographs appears out of line!


Some pics  from Road Run event

Outing to Bann Valley Heritage Museum and evening meal in Banville House.

Some of the men. (13.8.22)

Some of the ladies. (13.8.22)

Most everyone else! (13.8.22)

LOL 164 Big Breakfast


Local Councillors James Baird & Andrew Gowan, Patricia Halliday LCDA, Paul Givan MLA and Jim Halliday LOL 164. 4.6.22

Bobby Harron serving the first arrivals for breakfast. 4.6.22



Champion of the fried eggs-Garvin and his trusty assistant Moira, with dishwashing duo Cheryl and Ervine in the background. 4.6.22






LOL 164 Big Breakfast 4.6.22













Jubilee Garden Party at HRP Hillsborough

Jubilee Garden Party 3.6.22

Jubilee Garden Party 3.6.22

Jubilee Garden Party 3.6.22

Jubilee Garden Party 3.6.22

Some pictures from 2021 Charity Day, Road Run and BYO Picnic!

Laurence, Jim (LCDA Chairman) & Brian (Rally Chairman) (11.9.21)


The flowers in full bloom

One of the planters with begonias

A variety of plants and pots around the gate







Plants delivered. Now for compost, tools and workers! 22.6.2020
















Ready for action!. 22.6.2020



Victor preparing the new flower bed. 22.6.2020



Len, Jim and Victor finishing planting the new flower bed. 22.6.2020


The new flower bed. 22.6.2020

Where do we put this one?-Heather and Elizabeth!. 22.6.2020



Members pictured during “The big plant”. Victor, Len, Jim, Elizabeth, Heather, Sharon & Jean. 22.6.2020.

The workers were rather disappointed when the photographer arrived without a picnic hamper!!